Furniture Protection

Furniture Protection

It’s crucial to use furniture protection for your goods during moving home. Particularly if you utilized our removals company or handled the moving process yourself. You can keep your furniture in good shape, fingerprints off of it, and your things and stuff intact. If you follow the advice in this page, it may help. Moving day can be a stressful time, but following these suggestions can help you pack and protect your furniture to make it ready for Longpods removals and storage.

Protecting your furniture is critical for a variety of reasons. Dirty fingerprints, damaged items, and messes on your furniture are just a few of the things you don’t want to encounter. If you’re moving or hiring us, packing and protecting your furniture is a significant undertaking. The following guide on how to properly protect furniture when moving can help. Make sure your furniture, personal items, and possessions are properly packed and prepared for the movers on removals day.

Bubble wrap

It is a fantastic packing material that is inexpensive, colorful, and incredibly simple to utilise. It comes in various sizes and features various sizes of bubbles that are dispersed throughout the package. 


Whether it is a bed, wardrobe, piano, dining table, or another piece of furniture, you can use shrink wrap to encase and seal it. Shrinkwrap can be used on any size of the furniture, including beds, wardrobes, pianos, dining tables, and more. Due to its sticky surface, shrink wrap sticks to the furniture and holds it securely in place. Begin at the top of the furniture and work your way down to ensure that all surfaces are covered. If you are unsure, use more shrink wrap. 

Blanket protection

Blankets are removal companies’ best friend. This is because they protect your furniture and they are simple to use. You will need to keep critical and dear things safe. Such as leather, mirrors, and other delicate objects and furniture. Removal blankets increase furniture protection for almost all of your household goods, providing a safer journey for your move. You may use as many as you need to guarantee your furniture is protected safely for your relocation.