Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal

Hot tub removal can be nerve-wracking, but it doesn’t have to be. Hot tubs have a reputation for being difficult to get out of, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You simply have to follow these steps to successfully remove your hot tub. Chances are, you will be able to get your hot tub back on its wheels. If you’re having trouble, check back after you’ve followed the steps below. Make sure you read every tip in the article from the beginning before trying again. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get your hot tub back on its wheels.

Check what type of hot tub you have

There are three main types of hot tubs: fiberglass, stainless steel, and polyethylene. Fiberglass can be a little more challenging to remove because most of the time, it’s not on its wheels.
Make sure your hot tub is turned off before you start
Turning off your hot tub will prevent any damage to the motor or circulation pumps. They can be damaged if they are still running when you start to remove your hot tub.

Keep safety in mind

Before you start doing anything, make sure that you are safe. Hot tubs can weigh up to 1,000 pounds and it’s not always clear how heavy a hot tub is. If you have any doubts about your ability to move the hot tub, consider hiring a professional. Make sure that there are no children or pets nearby when you start removing your hot tub. This is because they could get caught in the gears or be injured by sharp metal pieces. Make sure that you put something down on the ground in case things slip and fall so that they don’t hit someone while they’re working on the hot tub. Having some rope handy is also helpful in case you need to tie up the legs of your hot tub after it’s already been moved onto its wheels. It’ll help keep everything steady as well as prevent anything from slipping and falling when it’s being removed from its wheels.

Step 1: Drain your hot tub completely
The first step is to drain your hot tub completely and fill it with water again. This will free the clog that’s been causing you problems.

Step 2: Disconnect your hot tub
The first step to getting your hot tub out of the ground is to disconnect it. Sometimes, this can be a difficult task because you may have to remove the pump and other components from the system. If you don’t know how to do this, contact your manufacturer for help. Next, you will need to remove the bolts that connect your hot tub’s frame to its legs. This will make it easier for you to angle your hot tub out of the ground.

Step 3: Remove the drain cover and drain hose
The drain cover and the drain hose are both located on one of the hot tub’s sides. Remove them both.

Step 4: Remove the base and deck
First, remove the base and deck. It may be easier to do this with a power drill and a socket wrench. If you’re not sure how to remove the base or deck, please consult your owner’s manual.

Step 5: Remove the jets and spa hose
The first step is to remove the jets and spa hose. You can do this by removing individual jets or by removing the whole spa hose.

Step 6: Remove the vinyl liner and insulation
This is one of the most important steps in your removal process. Make sure you remove all the vinyl liners and insulation. You’ll want to remove the floor, shelves, and all the side panels in order to properly access your hot tub.

Step 7: Remove the skid plate and wheels
Remove the skid plate and wheels. The skid plate is a metal sheet that protects the tub’s finish in case of an accident, such as a spill. The wheels are located on either side of the hot tub and will come off easily if you remove the bolts securing them to the base.

Step 8: Install your new skid plate and wheels
Determine what size skid plate you need to install and make sure that it is the right size. If your hot tub is supported by a concrete pad, you will want to use a thicker skid plate. If your hot tub is not supported by a concrete pad, you will want to use a thinner skid plate. There are two types of skid plates: cast iron and steel. Cast iron skid plates are typically stronger and last longer than steel ones because they don’t rust easily.

Step 9: Test your hot tub again
with the new wheel Test your hot tub again with the new wheel. Make sure it rolls easily and that you can move it around without any problems. If you can, reinstall your wheels back on the hot tub to make sure they are still in good shape. If they are, go to step 9 of the removal process and continue moving forward. Step 10: Drag your hot tub over a path of broken concrete After you have successfully removed your hot tub from its original location, drag it over a path of broken concrete to create traction for your wheels. This will ensure that you don’t slip on the wet ground and fall off your hot tub as you move it down the path. Step 11: Toss an old tarp under the bottom After dragging your hot tub down a path of broken concrete, toss an old tarp under the bottom of it to protect what remains of your driveway from any damage that might occur from dragging it across your property.